Donations and Buying Information


The Texas Hockey Museum will buy items of interest but doesn't sell items.

General Issues and Intentions

Creating the Texas Hockey Museum has been a project requiring multiple years of work and thousands of hours of research and painstaking details. One thing stands out stands out about what we are accomplishing is that there is no other hockey website that is anything like it being Texas or any other hockey focal point and of this I am proud. In its development I have added tons of extras that most trying to create something similar would avoid due to the intense work required. But to me it’s those details that make it something special. It is a project I alone fund so it does have to be done in stages.


Donation Information

The Texas Hockey Museum is always in need of any items that help show the story of hockey in Texas. Our primary focal point is trying to capture the feel of yesterday’s players, teams, and fans. We are interested in all types of items and photos. Below is a list of things we look for in photos but our interest is not limited to the items in the list. Contact us if you have questions.


1. Players, real need is minor league photos. We are always looking for any uniformed player photos. We will expand into NAHL content into the future so feel free to send those as well. 

2. Good photos of equipment and jerseys. Please refer to the photos on this page for examples.

3. Venues and fans, crowds, game play. In general photos that capture the atmosphere.

4. Behind the scenes stuff. Training, team activities, interactions with fans, etc.

5. Equipment and Jerseys (to donate or sell), primarily game used but have some need for game issued and authentic as well. Please read "Equipment and Jerseys" below for details


Please Note: Currently it is my policy to not sell donated items. If presented an offer by respected collector of option to trade for something that I feel is of real interest to the Museum I would have to consider that. No matter what is donated the the vast majority of the expenses are paid by me. Much of those expenses currently have and never will have any monetary return but I look at is as a sacrifice that needs to be made.



Standard Photo Layout (for items)

Feel free to send the photo at larger sizes and resolutions, we can adjust. A solid light colored background is preferred. Please do not include markings, in order to maintain a consistent look we will credit using our methods.

Please note it is important our photos are as consistent as possible for optics.

Photo: 1999-2000 WPHL AIB Greenlaw FWB Rooney

Labeling Photos


If possible please use the following way to label photos to speed up the sorting process. I understand if you are unable to label them and we still want them. I don’t expect large batches to be labeled (but it would be nice). Anything to help out is great!

If possible please label the photos as follows:

First year - 1999-2000 WPHL AIB Greenlaw FWB Rooney

Second League - 1999-2000 WPHL AIB Greenlaw FWB Rooney

Third Team+names - 1999-2000 WPHL AIB Greenlaw FWB Rooney

Forth Team+names - 1999-2000 WPHL AIB Greenlaw FWB Rooney




If you can't identify a player no problem (year is actually what I need most)


If possible label home team first

Equipment and Jerseys

In addition to photos we are interested in physical items. You will notice jerseys are a big part of our websites attraction and when we do exhibits they are a focal point. Please contact us if you have any jerseys or other equipment you want to donate or sell. We do buy items when we can. Currently our plan is once we complete our "setup" for performing exhibits we will do these exhibits and donate any profits to local youth hockey. Reading for doing exhibits is a costly venture however and will take some time to get to that point. 


Marking and Credits

Assume we will emboss or mark any photos we will use online while saving an original copy. The markings are intended to inform any online search returns the web address of the site and best support those who have interest. We will credit any photo to the photo owner when posting the photo if requested. If we are using or improperly crediting a photo please contact us.

Any photos we acquire through general research and are unable to locate a owner we will not credit. Keep in mind over the years many sites have come and gone and left residual traces of documents and photos on the internet. As a policy we will not credit inactive resources due to doing our viewers a discredit. If contacted by someone claiming credit for any documents of photos we will do our best to remedy the issue.


Linking a Crediting The Texas Hockey Museum

Feel free to link to any part of our site without asking for permission as long as it is being used for non-profit and well intended reasons and our original structure is not being altered. In addition feel free to use any photos from the website for personal and non-profit use. We also ask all the markings used on the photo or document stay on the photo or document. We will make exceptions in certain cases such as if you are the focal point in the photo (such as a player) and want a clean copy, contact us for details.