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Being an avid collector since the mid 90's there

came a day when I realized most the hockey
history in Texas was being forgotten. As time
moved forward it was becoming harder and
harder to find information on clubs and
individuals of the past. I refused to let that
happen. From there the Texas hockey Museum
was born.



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Please donate any items you no longer need. Click here for examples of things we look for and my procedures.


Unique things I'm looking for?

Currently the video projects I have are a needle-in-my-side expense. If you have a working old sony digtal hi8 camcorder you’re not wanting let me know. I’m always open to video stuff because it’s honestly the most grueling thing I do.

Also, a pet project I keep trying to get off the ground is Texas Hockey Kids. I spent a lot of time practicing taking pictures and am in a good spot now. I however am looking for a Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 lens. If you have or know someone selling one at a reasonable cost let me know please. I'll also consider a Tamron or Sigma 70-200 F/2.8.

Texas Hockey Jersey Display Cases

For purchase or in trade available here.

Starting in the summer of 2017 I will be taking a limited amount of orders on our custom jersey display cases. Our cases are made of solid 3/4" oak and stained in black. Sizes vary from very large to small for youth jerseys. Each case is pegged for adjustable shelving for use with pucks as well (Shelving sold separately). Cases are in two sections, the first is an inner tray that mounts to the wall and the display items sit in. These trays have a 3/4" oak frame stained like the face piece. The Face piece attaches over the tray forming the case. Cases may or may-not come with glass. All cases are set with hardware and grooving for glass but given the varieties of glass available it might be easier for the buyer to furnish it.


Prices will vary per size and in the near future I will come up with a more standardized listing. But for now email me here if you are interested and I will update you with the details.

In addition to straight purchases I will consider trades for items that fit in the Texas Hockey Museum. Contact me for details on what you have to trade and what you’re looking for and I will consider it.

Progress Updates:


Things have been slow as I work on the behind the scenes kind of stuff. I have received some photos I'm going though as well as continuing to load up our Youtube Channel with videos.


Please donate scanned photos, video, scanned items like programs. Check out our donations page for details.


Players, Team Staff and Fans. Please help us by donating any photos or other interesting items you might have!


Click here for details on items in need and other details.

Don't let these memories die! Donate anything you can!

Texas Hockey

2003-2004 San Antonio Rampage Kamil Piros
2006-2008 NHL Dallas Stars Aaron Gagnon
1996-1997 Waco Wizards Warm Up - Pregame
2003-2005 CHL San Angelo Saints John Jarram
2002-2003 NHL Dallas Stars Darryl Sydor White Playoffs
2003-2004 NHL Dallas Stars Trevor Daley White 3rd Regular SeasonPlayoffs
2005-2006 NHL Dallas Stars Stu Barnes
2014-2015 NHL Dallas Stars Trevor Daley